susan_wright (susan_wright) wrote,

Demon Anti-Defamation League


Demon Anti-Defamation League (DADL)

We stand united for demons everywhere, the maligned, the slandered, the feared. Demons have rights, too. Why should vampires get all the good press? WE are the real vampires, but the blood-sucking myth gets all the glory. We live off people's emotions, and yes we tend to prefer one particular emotion above them all (hence our names – Allay, Dread, Bliss), but isn't that more poetic, more intoxicating than mere blood?

DADL makes no claims about the veracity of Confessions of a Demon. Yes, humans can become possessed though it's rare. Because of the discrimination we face, DADL cannot say who is and who is not a demon. But know demons are out there living among you; your friends, your coworkers, your family. We may not come out—not yet—because of the persecution we face. But DADL will stand up for demons everywhere.

The Demon Anti-Defamation League (DADL) defends the civil rights of demons around the world.


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