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reviews of Confessions of a Demon

Confessions of a Demon hit the bookstores today. Some early reviews are in, and they're great!

"Wright brings some new blood to the urban fantasy genre with a well-written first-person narrative. Allay is a strong character with enough vulnerability to make her interesting. The nifty combination of action, fantasy and sexual tension provides an entertaining read, and the conclusion leaves the door open for a sequel."
—Romantic Times, four stars

"CONFESSIONS OF A DEMON is riveting! I couldn't put it down! S.L. Wright has created a new and exciting paranormal world that is different from anything out there right now. I was on the edge of my seat as Allay and Theo fought to defeat the nastier demons of New York. Fans of paranormal and urban fantasy will love this book! Run out and buy a copy of CONFESSIONS OF A DEMON. You won't be sorry."
—Romance Junkies

"This is a very enthralling, evocative and electrifying urban fantasy whose underlying premise is demons are just another sentient species and not angry at God or ordered by Lucifer. Like humans, demons have the good, the bad and the ugly unmentionables. S. L. Wright adds to the realism by the fascinating way they reproduce. Ally refuses to lose her humanity, but to keep it she will die soon, which she is okay with as that should save humans for now. Filled with awe and twists, CONFESSIONS OF A DEMON is a refreshing powerful Manhattan thriller."
—Alternative Worlds

"CONFESSIONS OF A DEMON by S. L. Wright is an interesting new look at the world of demons with a distinct urban fantasy feel. Allay makes a fantastic heroine with her inherent goodness and her struggle to maintain her humanity. Since this story appears to be the beginning of a new series, urban fantasy fans have a lot to look forward to."
—Romance Readers Connection

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