susan_wright (susan_wright) wrote,

more reviews on Confessions of a Demon

I got a great review from the Library Journal:

"The combination of social commentary on the power of religion in contemporary society, a sensual romantic subplot, and a protagonist whose dual nature causes a moral dilemma that could kill her start this promising new series on a high note."


"CONFESSIONS OF A DEMON is an exciting tale of a woman searching for answers to who she is, her purpose in life, and to what ends she'll go for her friends and family. Pick up your copy today and enjoy." —Romance Reviews Today

"S. L. Wright's uniquely-crafted world of urban fantasy adds a fascinating spin to what is at heart a book about relationships and self-knowledge. No heavy-handed moralizing though, just a fun, fast read with plenty to chew on before the much-awaited next in the series comes out." —Fresh Fiction

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