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Slave Trade
By Susan Wright

Human slaves can never defy their alien masters – or can they?

Rose Rico never believed the rumors that the government was secretly selling human beings to the Alphas in exchange for advanced alien technology. The idea that human sex slaves were a luxury item throughout the galaxy was just too ridiculous to take seriously – until Rose found herself, along with hundreds of other human captives, bound for the far reaches of space, and compelled to cater to the depraved desires of her new alien masters.

As a rule, pleasure slaves don’t live very long, especially the stubborn ones. But Rose refuses to give up. She bands together with aliens and humans alike, as they are snarled into tighter knots trying to escape the will of the masters. Someday, somehow, they will win back their freedom – or die trying!

The beginning of a provocative space opera of slavery and rebellion. Slave Trade is the 2nd edition of Book 1 in the Slave Trade trilogy. Read the sequels: Slave Masters and Slaves Unchained. www.susanwright.info